Zoning Administrator

Brandy Miller
Phone: 517-281-5659
Fax: 517-645-7810

Planning Commission members:

  • Mark Swanson – Chair
  • Tim Maynard – Vice Chair
  • George Kepler – Member
  • John McNett – Member
  • Bob Nichols – Member
  • Kayla Schwartz- Secretary
  • Brandy Miller– Zoning Administrator

The City Planning Commission meets regularly for its public meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:oo p.m. . The Planning Commission is appointed by City Council is given the responsibility of writing and adopting the Master Plan of the City of Potterville in a legal process that involves Council, yet allows for planning independence from the elected body of the City. It works to ensure that the City Zoning Code of Ordinance is consistent with the Master Plan and performs regularly duties under the administration of the City Zoning Administrator that include review development proposals for re-zoning, lot splits, site plan approval, special land use permits and variances and provides recommendations to the City Manager and City Council.

Zoning Codes, Maps and Plans

City of Potterville Code of Ordinances

City of Potterville Community Master Plan 2019

City of Potterville Capital Improvement Plan 2021 

City of Potterville Zoning Ordinance

City of Potterville Zoning Map

City of Potterville Master Plan

Planning and Zoning Applications and Forms 

Zoning Referral Application:  This application is used when you would like to construct a house, addition (including second story), deck, shed, fence, or accessory building.  A Zoning Referral IS NOT a building permit.  The Zoning Administrator will advise you if your proposed project requires a Building Permit.  Building Permits are obtained through Eaton County Construction Codes Department. 

Driveway, Right-of-Way, and Sidewalk Application: This application is most often necessary to perform work or activity in or around public right-of-ways such as when homeowners and/or their contractor is replacing or installing a new driveway that connects to a public street or approaches a public easements/utilities. 

Water, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drain Application: This application/permit is required for any and all connections to municipal public utilities and  does not include the “Tap Fee” for water/sanitary sewer connections that are determined by water meter size. 

Zoning Board of Appeals Application: This application is used if your proposed project does not meet the requirements of the Zoning District your property is located in (setbacks to property lines, size of structure, property width or depth, number of parking spaces, etc.).

Site Plan Review Application:  This application is used when required by the Zoning Ordinance for uses of property that require potential further review of the City of Potterville Planning Commission.

Special Use Permit Application:  This application is used when required by the Zoning Ordinance for uses of property that require the approval of the Planning Commission prior to the proposed use.

Zoning Amendment Application: This application is used to amend the text of the Zoning Ordinance or to change the zoning of a property.

Land Division / Combination Application:  This application is used to divide land into to two or more parcels without creating a platted subdivision (Division); or to combine two or more parcels that are contiguous and under the same ownership (Combination).

Lot Line Adjustment Application: This application is used to adjust the property lines of two or more contiguous parcels.

New Plat Application: The application is used to create subdivisions.