City Hall

The City Hall is located at 319 North Nelson Street, Potterville, MI 48876 and is where the central government Offices for the City of Potterville are located.  Staff and elected officials work and hold meetings from City Hall.

The Potterville City Charter defines the boundaries of the city, powers of the city, details regarding the council and elections, as well as other important aspects of the government. The City of Potterville is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

Pottervile City Hall

City Staff

City ManagerAaron Sheridan
City Treasurer
City Secretary 
Jodi West
Debbie Griffin
City ClerkBecky Dolman
City AssessorSarah Payton
Police ChiefRichard Barry
Police Officer’sLuke Betts, Adam Rairigh, Tyler Collins
Parks & Recreation DirectorTiffani Schaner
DPW DirectorDon Stanley
DPW Operator
DPW Operator
Trevor Love
Charlie Cooper
DPW MaintenanceDustin Leik