Bonfires at Lake Alliance

Bonfires are allowed at Lake Alliance in designated areas only.  You must call the Benton Township Fire Department each time you would like to have a fire at 517-645-7061 and request a burning permit.  There is only one fire pit at this time located at the pavilion on the North/West side of the lake.  An outdoor fireplace that is commercially made, intended to be burned in, and not modified from its original purpose may be brought in and used.  The outdoor fireplace is constructed of metal and stand above ground on metal legs or other approved materials that conform to local building codes.

The burning area may not exceed 3’ in diameter and 2’ high. All fires must be 100% extinguished before leaving the park. The fire Chief and/or his authorized representative have the authority to discontinue the permit if the smoke creates a nuisance or hazardous conditions are present.  The Chief and/or his Authorized representative reserve the right to enter the premises/property to ensure proper compliance to the burning rules and regulations.

For more information, view the complete burning rules and regulations.

Thank you and be safe.