The city hall is where the central government operations for the city of Potterville are located.  The elected officials as well as most of the staff work out of city hall.

The Potterville City Charter defines the boundaries of the city, powers of the city, details regarding the council and elections , as well as other important aspects of the government.



City Manager Aaron Sheridan
City Treasurer Jodi West
City Clerk Stephanie Wilson
City Assessor                              Sarah Payton

 Police Chief Shane Bartlett
 Police Officer's  Richard Barry 
  Luke Betts

 Parks & Recreation  Tiffani Schaner
 DPW Superintendent                        Don Stanley 
            DPW                                                        Mike Bledsoe                 
         DPW      Chris Zenker
 Fire Chief      Ryan Lundquist
 Assistant Fire Chief  Townsend Montgomery